Friday, October 21, 2016

I'm hangry...

I am starving.

I am on a “lifestyle change” and instead of being responsible and eating things like fruits and vegetables, I’m consuming a lot of my daily calories in lattes. It’s a bitch to be addicted to good coffee.

I would say the change is going well, but I’m stuffing cheese cubes in my mouth as I type this. Don’t judge me. Cheese has no carbs so I don’t have to do insulin.

Did you know insulin is a growth hormone? What the hell?!? What I take every day to keep myself alive also makes me extremely fat. Well, maybe the lattes and cheese don’t help. But I take a ridiculous amount of insulin to counteract the medication that makes me sane – worth it – so I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Or maybe I should eat some vegetables. Shudder. I like all the starchy veg – corn, peas, potatoes – so maybe I should learn to choke down a carrot or something. That might help with the weight loss. And I should probably lay off the lattes. They are delicious, and addictive, but I can overpower the siren call of sugar and caffeine. (Or I’ll replace it with Diet Mt. Dew. Again, don’t judge me. Diet Mt. Dew might be the most delicious caffeinated beverage out there – right up next to any Coke product.)

Damnit, I’m still hungry and it’s 4:45, so I can’t justify cooking dinner just yet. Fifteen minutes….I can make it. I hope.

If you don’t hear from me in a few days I’ve starved to death – send cheese cubes and Diet Mt. Dew.

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