Saturday, August 12, 2017

Day 2

My sweet niece is visiting, and she walks 2-3 miles a day, so she came on today's forced torture. I made it up and down hills, felt the blood pounding through my skull and my shins were killing me. When we got home my blood sugar tanked, quickly, I almost started crying, but my quick thinking husband handed me a jar of grape jelly and told me to eat. I am not a fan of grape jelly but when you're violently shaking and afraid you might pass out, you tend to go crazy. I may have drank an entire gatoraid and had 5 tbs of jelly. Hey, I didn't die. That's a plus. I think the 26 units of insulin I had on board might have had something to do with the low. I did set a temporary basal but that was a butt ton of insulin. Anyway, that's my progress for day 2. Hopefully tomorrow is better.

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